ADCA – TSS6 Steam Trap

ADCAPURE Thermostatic steam

RX Code: CAA

The TSS6 all stainless-steel thermostatic steam traps and air vents are specifically designed for use in reactors, sterilizers, and distribution lines in clean and pure steam systems.
Their small size makes them ideal for use with a wide variety of equipment.


  • Modulating discharge.
  • Excellent air discharge.
  • Simple and compact design.


  • Maximum operating pressure 6 bar.
  • Size 1/2″ to 11/2″; DN 08 to DN 25.
  • Maximum operating temperature 165 ºC Tab
  • ASME BPE, DIN and ISO clamp ferrules or tube weld (ETO) ends. Others on request.

All Variations

RX CODESizeStandardConnectionOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: CAA15CC3V4Y5--Size: 1.1/2Standard: IMPConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.040
RX CODE: CAA10WW3V4Y5--Size: 1Standard: IMPConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.025
RX CODE: CAA10WW2V4Y5--Size: DN25Standard: DINConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.D25
RX CODE: CAA10WW1V4Y5--Size: DN25Standard: ISOConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.I25
RX CODE: CAA10CC3V4Y5--Size: 1Standard: IMPConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.025
RX CODE: CAA10CC2V4Y5--Size: DN25Standard: DINConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.D25
RX CODE: CAA10CC1V4Y5--Size: DN25Standard: ISOConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.I25
RX CODE: CAA07WW3V4Y5--Size: 3/4Standard: IMPConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.020
RX CODE: CAA07WW2V4Y5--Size: DN20Standard: DINConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.D20
RX CODE: CAA07WW1V4Y5--Size: DN20Standard: ISOConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.I20
RX CODE: CAA07CC3V4Y5--Size: 3/4Standard: IMPConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.020
RX CODE: CAA07CC2V4Y5--Size: DN20Standard: DINConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.D20
RX CODE: CAA07CC1V4Y5--Size: DN20Standard: ISOConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.I20
RX CODE: CAA05WW3V4Y5--Size: 1/2Standard: IMPConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.015
RX CODE: CAA05WW2V4Y5--Size: DN15Standard: DINConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.D15
RX CODE: CAA05WW1V4Y5--Size: DN15Standard: ISOConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.I15
RX CODE: CAA05CC3V4Y5--Size: 1/2Standard: IMPConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.015
RX CODE: CAA05CC2V4Y5--Size: DN15Standard: DINConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.D15
RX CODE: CAA05CC1V4Y5--Size: DN15Standard: ISOConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.I15
RX CODE: CAA04WW2V4Y5--Size: DN10Standard: DINConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.D10
RX CODE: CAA04WW1V4Y5--Size: DN10Standard: ISOConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.I10
RX CODE: CAA04CC1V4Y5--Size: DN10Standard: ISOConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.I10
RX CODE: CAA03WW1V4Y5--Size: DN8Standard: ISOConnection: WeldingOEM: A.42.6125.I08
RX CODE: CAA03CC1V4Y5--Size: DN8Standard: ISOConnection: Tri-ClampOEM: A.42.6120.I08

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