MA 10 – PTFE backed EPDM – SED Diaphragm

RX Code: MMX

DN8-20 Molded open


  • highest degree of chemical resistance
  • increased stability
  • longer flex life
  • less porosity
  • reduced cold flow
  • superior performance through temperature fluctuations between hot and cold and steam sterilization cycles.

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    The diaphragm is the most important component of the diaphragm valve. Besides the valve body, the diaphragm is the only part which contacts the process medium. And It is the dynamic part with which the flow rate of the process medium is controlled and/or stopped.

    The PTFE MA-10 consists of a separate EPDM backing cushion and a PTFE diaphragm. It is designed as a one-piece diaphragm, which means that the EPDM backing is bonded with the PTFE. The diaphragm is always manufactured in the molded open position.

    These one-piece diaphragms have less surface area and are subject to shorter linear strokes. The MA-10 diaphragm utilizes a threaded stud assembly with the valve mechanism. This eliminates the potential for point loading at the center of the diaphragm.

    All diaphragms are clearly identified, and the material is batch traceable by a set of unique codes molded into the diaphragm dvary.

    MA 10 is suitable for diaphragm valves: KMA 295, KMA 195, KMD 289, KMD 188, Steripur 397, Steripur 317
    SED articlenumber: 00210.186.515.51 TF/EP  dvary.

    Read more about Brand: SED

    Sizes DN8 to DN10
    Temp. range -20°C to 150°C
    Connections Threaded stud
    Material PTFE backed EPDM Diaphragm (bonded)
    Certificates FDA, USP Class VI 121 ºC, {87}, {88}, TSE/BSE (ADCF), 3-A Sanitary Class II and III, Extractable organic substances (ISO 10993-18)

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