SED – Tandem Diaphragm valve

Compact welded configuration of stainless steel diaphragm valves with stainless steel or plastic actuator



Butt Weld, Tri-Clamp


316L (1.4435), Polyarylamide (Ixef)


Actuator, Manual

Weld connection

ASME-BPE, DIN 11850, ISO 1127, SMS 3008


These welded diaphragm valve configurations are specifically designed for processes in aseptic manufacturing plants, reducing dead leg in accordance with cGMP.

Romynox supplies SED tandem diaphragm valves configurations for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemistry and cosmetic industries. These welded membrane valve configurations are specifically designed for processes in aseptic production plants, and reduce dead laying in accordance with cGMP.

Various configurations are possible; from simple tandem assemblies, where two valves are welded together, to very complex configurations of various diaphragm valves of different sizes, brought together in a cluster. Within SED there is strict quality control for every welded joint in the configuration. All accessible welds are polished to internal surface specifications. Then the configuration of the diaphragm valves is visually inspected and tested for maximum pressure.

During the installation of welded diaphragm valve configurations, it is important to follow proper guidelines for the drainability of the diaphragm valve assemblies.

Technical information

SizeDN 4 – DN 100
MaterialBody : 316L , (casting and forged)
Diaphragm: EPDM , PTFE , silicone
Actuator: stainless steel – plastic
Max. operating pressure10 bar
Max Temperature150 °C
Connections:– Orbital welding connection with standards; ISO, ASME , DIN and SMS
– Tri -clamp connection with standards; ASME BPE ,DIN 32676, DIN 11861
Finish:– surface finish Ra value to max 0.25 μm
– electro- polished or only mechanically polished
– or ASME BPE 2012 Table SF5
Operationmanual and actuator (pneumatic)
Certificates (standard)3.1, FDA , USP Class VI , CE / PED
Certificates (optional)surface finish certificate, ATEX


  • Handle: control valve or open-close signaling
  • Materials: 904, Hastelloy
  • Certificates : surface finish certificate, ATEX
  • Special versions : Customization is always possible