AERRE INOX – Sterile Sampling Bottle Assembly

Allows capturing and handling of liquid sterile product samples.

RX Code: JRU

ROMYNOX offers bottles for sterile and aseptic sampling of chemical-pharmaceutical products. Equipped with a diaphragm multi-valve sterilizable with pure steam, sterile filter, and borosilicate glass, our bottles come with an adjustable holder for every need. After autoclave cleaning, a SIP Cycle ensures steam cleaning of product sample contact surfaces. This ensures high-quality sterile samples, ready for analysis, and the bottle is SIP cleanable for reuse.


  • Fully Autoclavable Assembly
  • Holder with Removable Handle


  • Max 1,5 BAR
  • -10 to 150°C
  • Standard 1/2″ tri-clamp, other sizes on request
  • Manual operated plastic bonnets, fully RVS or pneumatic on request

All Variations

RX CODEPart DescriptionCapacityFinishingProduct-TypeOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: JRUC1LUU4-1B--Part Description: Valve combined with BottleCapacity: 500 mlFinishing: H4Product-Type: MainOEM: SBA-05AGAGZC-TFMC-71
RX CODE: JRUC1LUU4-1C--Part Description: Valve combined with BottleCapacity: 1000 mlFinishing: H4Product-Type: MainOEM: SBA-10AGAGZC-TFMC-71
RX CODE: JRUC1LUUF-1B--Part Description: Valve combined with BottleCapacity: 500 mlFinishing: SF4Product-Type: MainOEM: SBA-05AGAGZC-TFMC-41
RX CODE: JRUC1LUUF-1C--Part Description: Valve combined with BottleCapacity: 1000 mlFinishing: SF4Product-Type: MainOEM: SBA-10AGAGZC-TFMC-41
RX CODE: JRU--------B--Part Description: Borosilicate BottleCapacity: 500 mlFinishing: --Product-Type: Spare partOEM: SSB-VETRO-0500P
RX CODE: JRU--------C--Part Description: Borosilicate BottleCapacity: 1000 mlFinishing: --Product-Type: Spare partOEM: SSB-VETRO-1000P

Standard certificates


Optional certificates

2.2 Surface Finish

You can contact us or ask for your Optional Certificate in your quotation.

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