DT7 – Elbow 90° W x W

ASME BPE DT-4.1.1-1





SF1, SF4




This 90-deg elbow has a weld connection on both sides.


This 90-deg elbow is manufactured from solid 1.4404 (316L) bar stock. This offers both excellent material properties and guarantees good controllable surface finishes. These stainless-steel tubes are available in ASME BPE sizes 1/2″ to 6″ and have a standard SF1 surface finish, SF4 surface finish available on request.


3.1 material, optional 2.2 surface finish

All Variations

RX CODEStandardSizeFinishingQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: FD702WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1/4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD703WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3/8Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD705WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD705WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD707WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD707WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD710WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD710WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD715WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD715WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD720WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD720WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD725WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD725WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD730WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD730WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 3Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD740WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD740WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 4Finishing: SF4