NA connect

The original NAC to connect your process

RX Code: QNN

The ROMYNOX NA-connectors are most used in pharm and tackle aseptic mixing challenges by reducing hold-up volume and eliminating dead legs, thus saving time and money.
These connectors simplify device connections, ensuring flexibility and aseptic integrity without compromising system quality.
Key benefits include CIP/SIP efficiency, no dead legs, low hold-up, easy maintenance, and readily available spare parts and documentation.


  • 100% alined with the original NAC


  • Tri-Clamp connection 25 to 119
  • Standard height 12 to 51 mm
  • Surface finish SF3
  • Design temperature -80C to +200C
  • Design pressure -1 to + 7 BAR
  • Standard 1.4404, other material on request

All Variations

RX CODEClamp sizeHeightOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QNN07--33128--Clamp size: 3/4Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A075/12
RX CODE: QNN10--33258--Clamp size: 1Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A100/25
RX CODE: QNN10--33388--Clamp size: 1Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A100/38
RX CODE: QNN15--33128--Clamp size: 1.1/2Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A150/12
RX CODE: QNN15--33258--Clamp size: 1.1/2Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A150/25
RX CODE: QNN15--33388--Clamp size: 1.1/2Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A150/38
RX CODE: QNN15--33518--Clamp size: 1.1/2Height: 51 mmOEM: NAC-A150/51
RX CODE: QNN20--33128--Clamp size: 2Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A200/12
RX CODE: QNN20--33258--Clamp size: 2Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A200/25
RX CODE: QNN20--33388--Clamp size: 2Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A200/38
RX CODE: QNN20--33518--Clamp size: 2Height: 51 mmOEM: NAC-A200/51
RX CODE: QNN25--33128--Clamp size: 2.1/2Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A250/12
RX CODE: QNN25--33258--Clamp size: 2.1/2Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A250/25
RX CODE: QNN25--33388--Clamp size: 2.1/2Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A250/38
RX CODE: QNN25--33518--Clamp size: 2.1/2Height: 51 mmOEM: NAC-A250/51
RX CODE: QNN30--33128--Clamp size: 3Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A300/12
RX CODE: QNN30--33258--Clamp size: 3Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A300/25
RX CODE: QNN30--33388--Clamp size: 3Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A300/38
RX CODE: QNN30--33518--Clamp size: 3Height: 51 mmOEM: NAC-A300/51
RX CODE: QNN40--33128--Clamp size: 4Height: 12 mmOEM: NAC-A400/12
RX CODE: QNN40--33258--Clamp size: 4Height: 25 mmOEM: NAC-A400/25
RX CODE: QNN40--33388--Clamp size: 4Height: 38 mmOEM: NAC-A400/38
RX CODE: QNN40--33518--Clamp size: 4Height: 51 mmOEM: NAC-A400/51

Spare Parts For NA Connect

All Variations

RX CODEClamp sizeSpare Part DescriptionOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QNB6D---5P-016Clamp size: 3/4Spare Part Description: Bolt and Nut M6x16 - Set 4 eachOEM: NAC-A075
RX CODE: QNB8E---5P-020Clamp size: 1, 1.1/2, 2Spare Part Description: Bolt and Nut M8x20 - Set 4 eachOEM: NAC-A100,A150,A200
RX CODE: QNB8E---5P-025Clamp size: 2.1/2Spare Part Description: Bolt and Nut M8x25 - Set 6 eachOEM: NAC-A250
RX CODE: QNB8E---5PA025Clamp size: 3Spare Part Description: Bolt and Nut M8x25 - Set 6 eachOEM: NAC-A300
RX CODE: QNB8E---5PB030Clamp size: 4Spare Part Description: Bolt and Nut M8x30 - Set 8 eachOEM: NAC-A400
RX CODE: QNX0250-3--5--Clamp size: 3/4Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 25mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A075
RX CODE: QNX0640-3--5--Clamp size: 2Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 64mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A200
RX CODE: QNX0775-3--5--Clamp size: 2.1/2Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 77,5mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A250
RX CODE: QNX0505-3--5--Clamp size: 1, 1.1/2Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 50,5mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A100,A150
RX CODE: QNX0910-3--5--Clamp size: 3Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 91mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A300
RX CODE: QNX1190-3--5--Clamp size: 4Spare Part Description: Locking Ring 119mm - Set 2 scalesOEM: NAC-A400

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