316 Safety Clamps SAFX

Safety Gate, Eye-Bolt & Nut, 316L

RX Code: QHB

The gate-style section with the stepped eyebolt prevents the clamp’s mechanism from swinging open during assembly.
To release the clamp, the nut must be loosened significantly to allow the eyebolt to pass through the gate.
This prevents accidental opening. Full nut removal isn’t required, but the design ensures the eyebolt stays closed under clamping forces or pressure.


  • All Safety Clamps are available with an anti gall option.


  • Material: 316/1.4401

All Variations

RX CODEClampOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QHB1670UNC3QX5Clamp: 167mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0600
RX CODE: QHB1550UNC3QX5Clamp: 155mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0550
RX CODE: QHB1440UNC3QX5Clamp: 144mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0500
RX CODE: QHB1300UNC3QX5Clamp: 130mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0450
RX CODE: QHB1190UNC3QX5Clamp: 119mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0400
RX CODE: QHB1060UNC3QX5Clamp: 106mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0350
RX CODE: QHB0910UNC3QX5Clamp: 91mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0300
RX CODE: QHB0775UNC3QX5Clamp: 77,5mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0250
RX CODE: QHB0640UNC3QX5Clamp: 64mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0200
RX CODE: QHB0505UNC3QX5Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0100
RX CODE: QHB0340UNC3QX5Clamp: 34mmOEM: CL.SAFX.D010
RX CODE: QHB0250UNC3QX5Clamp: 25mmOEM: CL.SAFX.0050

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