Perlast G74S Tri-Clamp Gasket FFKM

As a dependable alternative to Dupont’s discontinued tri-clamp seals in Kalrez®, Perlast G74S addresses the demand gap.

RX Code: WKK / WKL

Perlast G74S White has been specifically engineered to effectively manage a diverse range of process media within the biopharmaceutical industry, including potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and harsh cleaning agents, even at elevated temperatures. It is well-suited for various standard biopharmaceutical applications, such as steam-in-place (SIP), clean-in-place (CIP), and Water-For-Injection (WFI) systems.
Perlast G74S White is suitable for all applications requiring compliance with FDA and USP Class VI standards. It can be safely utilized in all product contact scenarios, efficiently accommodating dry, aqueous, and oily media.


  • Superior chemical resistance


  • Temprature: -15 to + 260 C
  • ASME size: 1″ to 4″
  • DIN size: DN 15 to DN 100
  • ISO size: DN 6 to DN 80

All Variations

RX CODEGasket TypeSizeStandardClampOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: WKK05PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type ASize: 1/2Standard: IMPClamp: 25mmOEM: HCC-0218000960-G74SW
RX CODE: WKK07PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type ASize: 3/4Standard: IMPClamp: 25mmOEM: HCC-0218001600-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL05PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN15Standard: DINClamp: 34mmOEM: HCL-0340001620-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL07PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN20Standard: DINClamp: 34mmOEM: HCL-0340002020-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL10PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN25Standard: DINClamp: 50mmOEM: HCL-0505002620-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL10PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 1Standard: IMPClamp: 50mmOEM: HCL-0505002230-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL12PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN32Standard: DINClamp: 50mmOEM: HCL-0505003220-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL15PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN40Standard: DINClamp: 50mmOEM: HCL-0505003820-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL15PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 1.1/2Standard: IMPClamp: 50mmOEM: HCL-0505003500-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL20PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN50Standard: DINClamp: 64mmOEM: HCL-0640050020-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL20PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 2Standard: IMPClamp: 64mmOEM: HCL-0640004770-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL25PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN65Standard: DINClamp: 91mmOEM: HCL-0910006620-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL25PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 2.1/2Standard: IMPClamp: 77,5mmOEM: HCL-0775006040-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL30PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN80Standard: DINClamp: 106mmOEM: HCL-1060008120-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL30PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 3Standard: IMPClamp: 91mmOEM: HCL-0910007310-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL40PE2-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: DN100Standard: DINClamp: 119mmOEM: HCL-1190010020-G74SW
RX CODE: WKL40PE3-W----Gasket Type: Type BSize: 4Standard: IMPClamp: 119mmOEM: HCL-1190009760-G74SW

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Optional certificates

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