Bio-Ezi Tri-Clamp

Lightweight and easy to operate

RX Code: QHP

This simple but effective Tri-Clamp developed to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories and manufacturers.

Molded in USP Class VI-grade glass-reinforced Nylon, the Ezi-Dock Tri-Clamp can be sterilized by a range of common methods and is lightweight, easy to use, and corrosion-resistant.



  • Multiple sterilization options
  • Autoclave (repeatedly at 134 degrees Celsius)
  • Gamma irradiation
  • Electron beam irradiation


  • Size 25 mm up to 217.4 mm

All Variations

RX CODEPart DescriptionClamp sizeQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QHP1670-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 167mm
RX CODE: QHP1190-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 119mm
RX CODE: QHP0910-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 91mm
RX CODE: QHP0775-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 77,5mm
RX CODE: QHP0640-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 64mm
RX CODE: QHP0505-W-N---Part Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 50,5mm
RX CODE: QHP0250-W-N--XPart Description: Nylon CL WhiteClamp size: 25mm

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