SVF – Opus Steam trap ball valve

CleanFLOW High Purity Steam Trap Test Valve


  • ASME-BPE compliant
  • Silicone free
  • Complete 316L stainless steel cast construction
  • Drainable design with Tube-ID dimensions
  • ETO (Extended Tube O.D.) ends designed for oribital welding
  • Standard locking device for manual valves



Orbital welding connection, Tri-Clamp

Man. process

Casted, Forged


316L (1.4435)


Actuator, Manual




The Opus Valve is a high performance Steam Trap Test Valve designed exclusively for the high purity, pharmaceutical market.


This multifunctional valve provides three states of fluid control.
In normal operation the Opus Valve delivers full flow of clean steam through the “Tube I.D.” porting. This is in accordance with the latest ASME/BPE guidelines for full flow, drainability, surface finish and materials.

Two additional flow positions (Service Position & Trap Position) provide isolation of system components or the steam trap. In all cases the Opus Valve utilizes critical orifice designs allowing condensate to reach the steam trap.

The integrated design eliminates more complex piping schemes, reduces number of components and delivers overall system value an reliability.


  • Drain ports
  • Other materials on request

Technical information

Material– Body, connections: 316L casting (A351 CF3MN) or Forged
– Seats: TFM 1600 PTFE
Connectionstri-clamp, Welded ETO (Extended Tube OD)
Finish– Internal surface SF1
– External surface mirror polished
OperationManual or pneumatic actuator
Certificates3.1, FDA, CE (PED), USP Class VI