ADCA- Sample coolers SC32P and SC32PP

Sample cooler with a helical-coil heat exchanger

RX Code: JAC - JAD

The ADCAPure SC32P sample cooler consists in a helical-coil heat exchanger used to take samples quickly and safely from steam generators, clean or pure steam systems, WFI and other high purity mediums. Its spiral design saves significant space without compromise and a counter current flow path maximizes heat transfer and consequently cooling efficiency. The vertical sampling side ensures self drainability, as medium flows naturally by gravity to the sample outlet with no chance to remain inside.


  • Compact and efficient.
  • Integrated mounting bracket and alternative portable version.
  • Self-drainable design eliminates possibility of sample retention.
  • Fully manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel.


  • ASME BPE clamp ferrules
  • SC32PP – Portable version. RX-Code: JAD
  • SC32P – Fixed installation version. RX-Code: JAC
  • Maximum operating pressure 20 bar / 120 C

All Variations

RX CODEClean ConnectionCooling ConnectionInstallationTotal LengthOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: JAC-23072601-AClean Connection: 1/2" tri-clampCooling Connection: 1/2" BSPInstallation: FixedTotal Length: 420mmOEM: --
RX CODE: JAC05CC305J5--Clean Connection: 1/2" tri-clampCooling Connection: 1/2" BSPInstallation: FixedTotal Length: 500mmOEM: A.64.6422.080+BSP
RX CODE: JAC05CC307C5--Clean Connection: 1/2" tri-clampCooling Connection: 3/4" tri-clampInstallation: FixedTotal Length: 500mmOEM: A.64.6422.080+TC 3/4
RX CODE: JAD05CC307C5--Clean Connection: 1/2" tri-clampCooling Connection: 3/4" tri-clampInstallation: PortableTotal Length: 684mmOEM: A.64.6430.080+TC 3/4

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Optional certificates

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