SED – Steripur 206 Diaphragm valve

RX Code: MAB

Manual operated valve with stainless steel bonnet and hand wheel


  • Stainless steel bonnet and hand wheel
  • Manually actuated with rising hand wheel
  • Sealed bonnet with optical indicator
  • Adjustable internal travel stop
  • CDSA sealing concept
  • Flexible diaphragm suspension
  • Autoclavable

Steripur 206 SED diaphragm valve for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical and cosmetic industries.

These valves are designed for applications with high purity, dirty or aggressive fluids and gases. Its smooth surface, without nuts or edges, combined with a self-draining exterior in all assembly positions, gives it an optimised design to be cleaned.
The Steripure is mostly used in conditions where diaphragm valves entirely made of stainless steel. This offers added value, such as cleanrooms or aggressive (corrosive) environments.


  • RVS-cover en RVS-hand wheel
  • manual, where the handwheel goes up
  • Sealed cover with optical indicator
  • adjustable internal travel stop
  • CDSA valve concept
  • Flexible membrane suspension
  • Suitable for autoclave

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    seize tube: ¼” “½”; DN 4 – 15
    Membrane: MA 8
    max presure 10 bar
    weight ca. 0,3 kg
    • Tri-clamp (ISO, ASME-BPE, DIN 32676)
    • Flange
    • Butt weld
    weld connections ISO 1127, ASME-BPE, DIN 11850, BS-4825, SMS 3008
    Temp. range
    • -40 ºC till 150 ºC (EPDM)
    • -20 ºC till 150 ºC (PTFE/EPDM)
    hood suitable for
    • Two-way bodies
    • Welded configurations
    • T-bodies
    • Multiport bodies
    • Tank bottom bodies
    • Body, connections: 316L (1.4435) Forged
    • Bonnet: 316L (1.4435)
    • Hand wheel: 316L (1.4435)
    • Membranes: EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
    control Handbediend
    Certificates 3.1 material, FDA, USP Class VI 121 ºC, {87}, {88}, EHEDG, PED, CE1935/2004, TSE/BSE
    Certificates (optional) 2.2 surface finish, ATEX 2GD


    • Investment cast
    • Other materials
    • Surface finish Ra value to max 0.25 ?m
    • Client specific connections
    • Locking device

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      Standard certificates


      Optional certificates

      2.2 Surface Finish ATEX

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