AERRE INOX – LSC-DTS – sample condenser

Laboratory Sample Condenser with Double Tube Sheet


  • Double Tube sheet (DTS)
  • Sampling in CS and WFI while the environment remains sterile
  • Self drainable design
  • Easy to install
  • Has a sample valve




Clean Connection

1/2" tri-clamp

Cooling Connection

3/4" tri-clamp



Total Length





The LCS-DTS heat exchanger is designed to take easy and quickly a sample of clean steam (CS) and water for injection (WFI), while keeping the test environment sterile.


The LCS-DTS is mounted on the sampling point and can be cooled with either mains or chilled water. The heat exchanger has a sample valve option which gives you even better control over the flow of the medium.

The medium that has to be condensed/cooled passes through the tube. Cool water is channelled countercurrent inside the shell. The heat energy of the sample medium is absorbed by the flowing cooling water, resulting in a drop with the same temperature.

The double tube sheet (DTS) operation prevents any mixing of the two processing fluids, since should the tube contract, the fluid inside of the shell will leak to the atmosphere.

In addition, the LCS-DTS can be sterilized in the process while continuity is maintained regardless of the test frequency, which is ideal for liquids in pharmaceutical and purity systems.

Technical information

Max. pressureto 8 bar
Temperature Range*to 175°C
ConnectionsTube side: ½” tri-clamp
Shell side: ¾” tri-clamp
Material1.4404 (316L)
Surface finishingSF1
Certificates3.1 Material, CE- PED


All Variations

RX CODEClean ConnectionCooling ConnectionInstallationTotal LengthFinishingQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: JDTC1--C2109--Clean Connection: 1/2" tri-clampCooling Connection: 3/4" tri-clampInstallation: VerticalTotal Length: 380mmFinishing: SF1