ADCA – PS161 Angle Pressure sustaining

RX Code: RAN

Min/max upstream pressure: 0,8 bar/ 8bar


  • Spring or dome-loaded.
  • Non-rising adjustment knob.
  • Compact design with a clamped body.
  • Available with low-pressure diaphragm.
  • FDA / USP Class VI compliant seals.
  • Completely machined from bar stock material. No castings or forgings are used.

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    The ADCAPure PS161 is a series of angle design direct acting diaphragm sensing pressure sustaining valves.

    These regulators, available with spring or dome-loading, are designed for use with clean steam, compressed air, water, and other gases or liquids compatible with construction materials and valve design. The regulators are designed to control the pressure of the medium in the system, ensuring that it stays within a safe range for all components of the system. They help to protect the system from over or under-pressurization, which could damage the components and lead to system failure.

    Application :

    Clean steam, compressed air, water and other gases and liquids compatible with the construction.

    Standard surface finish:

    Internal wetted parts: ≤ 0,51 micron Ra – SF1.

    External: ≤ 0,76 micron Ra – SF3.

    For other surface conditions see IS PV20.00 E – Technical information. Ultrasonic cleaning

    Installation :

    Horizontal installation. Horizontal inlet and vertical outlet. See IMI – Installation and maintenance instructions.

    Read more about Brand: ADCA PURE

    Size: 1/2″ to 2″; DN 15 to 50.
    Min/Max upstream pressure : 0,8 to 1,5 bar; 1 to 3 bar; 1,5 to 8 bar.
    Connection : ASME BPE, DIN and ISO clamp ferrules or tube weld (ETO) ends. Others on request.
    Packaging: Assembling and packaging in a clean room certified according to ISO 14644-1.

    The product is end-capped and sealed with recyclable thermo-shrinkable plastic film, to avoid contamination.

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