AERRE INOX – VAA Tank bottom valve

RX Code: NBA

Tank Bottom Valve for smaller vessels


  • Fully draining
  • Minimized dead leg
  • Compact body
  • Small welding pad
  • CIP/SIP cleanable/sterilizable
  • No product entrapment
  • Minimized diaphragms stress
  • More reliability and lifespan
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Certified materials for Pharmaceutical use
  • Full traceability

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    The new VFA mini Tank Bottom valves "flush wall execution" with TFM 1705 PTFE radial diaphragm for to solve all your installation problems on the smaller vessels.

    The valve housing and the piping connections are self draining without dead-legs. The outlet connection is flush to the diaphragm to minimize hold-up volume, the standard outlet connection on the valve body is furnished on a 45° angle to the horizontal with an ASME-BPE ferrule. 45° angle outlet facilitate the ease of fit-up and permit using standard tubing to connect.

    All moving parts in the actuator are completely isolated from contact with the process.


    • ATEX II 2 GD-T4 version
    • Stainless steel handwheel or pneumatic actuators available upon request.
    • Other materials upon request: 1.4435, Hastelloy
    • Other connection upon request
    • CIP/SIP connection
    • Customized welding plate

    Read more about Brand: AERRE INOX

    Sizes 1/2″ to 3/4″
    Pressure range -1 bar to 6 bar
    Temp. range -10°C to 150°C
    Type of connections – To tank: Flange, welded, NA-connect
    – other connections: Tri-clamp ends (ASME-BPE)
    Material – Body, connections: 1.4404 (316L)
    – Diaphragm: Silicone or TFM 1705 PTFE
    Finish – Internal surface Ra < 0,5 µm
    – External surface mirror polished
    Operation manual or pneumatic actuator
    Certificates 3.1, FDA, CE (PED), USP Class VI


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