ROMYNOX – TD2CA Thermodynamic Steam trap

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Sanitary Thermodynamic Steam Traps


  • Low initial cost

Incoming air and condensate flow through the trap body into the control chamber. Line pressure raises the disc off the seat, allowing complete discharge.

The thermodynamic steam trap consists out of three pieces: the body, screw lid, and free-moving valve disc. The difference in flow speed between condensation and flow is the dynamic phenomenon that gives the trap its name (thermodynamic). The stainless steel disc is the only moving part. It can handle water hammer and high temperatures. Fast discharge quickly dissipates condensate and helps to maintain the system temperature. The audible discharge cycle makes checking the operation easy.

When flashing condensate enters the cartridge, flow velocity increases, creating low pressure underneath the disc. Flashing condensate at high velocity strikes the inside wall of the disc chamber at hihgh velocity and is deflected to the top of the disc, causing a pressure buildup. The disc is forced down onto the seat by this pressure imbalance. The trap remains closed as flashing vapor in the control chamber keeps the disc seated. Pressure inside the cap is not lowered until the trapped flash vapor condenses due to body radiation. Condensing steam lowers the pressure above the disc. The disc is then lifted, and the cycle is repeated. The stainless steel disc is the only moving part.

A low initial cost is less expensive than repairable technologies.
Handles water hammer and superheat.
Blast discharge quickly draws condensate and helps maintain system temperature.
Resists both internal and external corrosion.
The audible discharge cycle makes checking operations simple.

The Romynox steam trap model TD2CA is familiar thermodynamic steam trap, but in a clean version.


  • Enhanced surface finishes and electropolishing.

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    Max. pressure operating: 0-10 bar allowable: 15 bar
    Finishes Interior surfaces SF1
    Certificates (standard) 3.1 material, PED
    Certificates (optional) 2.2 surface finish


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      2.2 Surface Finish

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