METAGLAS – Type 80.ETW Sight Glass with light

RX Code: QMV

Fused metal-glass Sight Glass for Sanitairy Clamp Fitting with SGL build-in light


  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Robust and simple in maintenance
  • Long operating time

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    Sight glass Type 80.etw is placed in a tri-clamp and is provided with a lamp, through which the tank/vessel or pipeline can be illuminated.

    Romynox supplies various Metaglas sight glasses, which are very suitable for aseptic and sanitary applications. Sight glass Type 80.etw is placed in a tri-clamp and is provided with a lamp, through which the tank/vessel or pipeline can be illuminated.

    The sight glass is easy and quick to install and easy to maintain. The light is fully waterproof (IP68) and easy to clean.

    Sight glasses from Metaglas are characterized by a sight glass that has been fused into a steel ring. The different expansion coefficients of glass and metal cause a compressive stress in the glass. The mechanical prestress commands a higher security compared to thermally prestressed glass; an unexpected rupture is fully excluded and the glass has an extreme resistance to shock and temperature. The sight glasses meet the requirements according to ASME BPE.

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    Sizes ASME BPE 4” to 8”, DIN DN 100 to DN 200, ISO DN 100 to DN 200
    Max pressure 6 to 10 bar
    Temperature range Lamp (ambient) 0°C to 50°C
    Duplex (1.4462) : -30°C to +280°C (standard),  316L (1.4435): -40°C to +200°C or Alloy C22 (2.4602) : -60°C to +280°C
    Connections Tri-clamp
    Material Glass: Borosilicate according DIN7080/DIN7079
    Ring: Duplex (1.4462) (standard), 316L (1.4435) or Alloy C22 (2.4602) (option)
    Light house: 316 (1.4404)
    Surface finishing ASME BPE table SF-2.4.1-1, SF1
    Electrical specifications  White light, 24VDC (+-10%), 266lm, 100mA, Type SGL80 3W, Type SGL95 4W or Type SGL110 5W.
    Certificates 3.1 material according to EN 10204:2004

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